Inicia Incorporated Launches First Drum Films Himalayas Project

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Inicia Incorporated launches First Drum Films Himalayas project, to produce a documentary series to be shot in India.

Company CEO Bruce T. Dugan came to India in 2012 for a 90 day stay. Five years later he is still there after launching the digital agency Incognito Worldwide India Pvt. Ltd in Bangalore. With younger colleagues he spend his free time traveling around the country by motorcycle. He recently started a blog to document some of his explorations in this varied and fascinating place.

Now the crefd LOGOw intends to travel the most dangerous and highest road in the world, as they ride to Ladakh high in the Himalayas — on the borders of India, Pakistan, China and Tibet.  On a week-long ride they’ll be challenged by the elements: water-filled roads, mud, snow, fatigue. At 60 Bruce says “I’ve wanted to do this ride for a few year now, and I think it’s now or never. With age one comes to recognize their own mortality.”

First Drum Films will co-produce the adventure in conjunction with the non-profit PRception Travel Films announced in a press release today.

You can help sponsor this film for as little as $2 on Patreon or Indiegogo, and/or just spread the word.

Follow Bruce’s blog posts on Vagabondviews here, or on      


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